6 Irish Places With A Special Menu For Your Dog

Updated On: February 04, 2024 | Published On: January 29, 2021

How pampered is your canine companion? Being that you are currently on a website dedicated to dog-friendly places and being able to bring your dog with you everywhere you go, they must obviously be loved.

I for one, am proud to fulfill the ‘crazy dog mom’ stereotype, but it wasn’t until last month that I found something that, even for the self-proclaimed ‘crazy dog mom’, one might think of as over the top. Back during those blissful two weeks of December 2020 when we were able to move freely around Ireland and eat out, we went to a dog-friendly restaurant that served a doggie dinner menu!

I had never heard of a dog menu before, and to be honest, it was definitely why we chose to eat there! I booked us a table before even looking to see what human food was available. They had me sold at ‘dog-friendly indoor seating’ and ‘Doggie Menu’.

 Let me tell you, they did not disappoint. The waiter arrived, saw Poppy, and went to get us her own Doggie Menu. He brought her freshwater straight away, without us having to ask, and even gave recommendations of which options on her menu would be best for Poppy as she is a tiny dog… She went for the Connemara Meatballs! Being able to bring your dog to a restaurant is amazing, but being able to order them a home-cooked doggie treat and have them eat with you is something quite special. 

So here is a selection of some of the best pet-friendly restaurants across the Island of Ireland where you get to sit across from your furry friend and see their puppy-dog eyes light up as they're served their own meal from the canine cuisine menu.

The Pins GastroBar -  Barna, Co. Galway 

The Pins is the on-site dog-friendly restaurant located inside the Ultra Dog-Friendly Hotel, The Twelve, and this is where we ate with Poppy. With a cozy bar atmosphere, The Pins offers a full range of menu items for dogs, from their Peanut Butter Pupcakes and Bag o’bones appetizers, to locally sourced Ground Beef Meatball and Beef Tenderloin with eggs and white rice entrees, to K-9 ice cream and a Pooch-ini for desserts. For those warmer days, The Twelve boasts a pet-friendly patio which is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor dining after a long walk along the beaches of Barna.

You can find out more about The Pins GastroBar and The Twelve's Pampered Pet Program on their Paws Friendly business page. 

360 Cookhouse - Dungarvan, Co. Waterford 

The 360 Cookhouse offers up their Canine Menu serving a variety of dog treats including Meat Sticks, Pig Ears, Veal Filled Hoof and Cooked Chicken Breast. They also offer a small cup of iced meat for the summer. For those sunny days, they have a dog-friendly Pergola Garden Room, and as the evening progresses, perhaps enjoy a craft beer with your best friend and order them a Bottom Sniffer Doggy Beer 😉.

Check out the 360 Cookhouse's page on Paws Friendly for more information.

The Morgan Hotel - Dubin 2, Co. Dublin

Enjoy a bit of decadence at The Morgan Hotel with your pup and treat them to some doggie room service or enjoy their heated Courtyard Terrace outdoor seating area. They have an In-Room Doggy Dining Menu, available from 7 am to 10 pm, which includes Beef Bones and Meat Sticks appetizers, Pork Sausages and Chicken Breast entrees, and to finish a sweet treat of Bed Time Biscuits or a pup cup of soft serve Canine Sundae. There is no tray charge for dog room service and a bowl of water is provided with every order.

To find out more about The Morgan Hotel's pet-friendly policies check out their page on Paws Friendly. 

Sixteen22 Gastro Pub - Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland  

Start your break the right way by toasting to your pooch over a weekend brunch! ..Who said happy hour?  Beech Hill Country House serves up Pawseccos and Doggy Beers!
The dog-friendly Beech Hill Country House, boasts its own dog-friendly on-site restaurant, The Sixteen22 Gastro Pub, serving up a full menu of locally-sourced home-cooked meals for you and your furry dinner date. Their doggy menu features lip-licking Beef Stew, Chicken Casserole, and Roast Pork, made with all-natural ingredients with greens and sweet potatoes to keep your pup full.

Be sure to check out Paws Friendly to find out more about the Sixteen22 Gastro Pub and how to book a room at the Beech Hill Country House.


The Lamppost Cafe - Belfast, Northern Ireland

This is the perfect lazy dog cafe offering its pet-friendly menu, Puppy Plates. They offer a selection of snacks for your pooch including Pork Sausages, Sliced Chicken Breast, Frozzy's dog-friendly Frozen Yoghurt, Vegetable and Fruit Slices, and of course the infamous Puppuccino!

Find out more information on The Lamppost Cafe's Paws Friendly Bussiness Page.


To find out more information, including opening hours, contact information, and pet-friendly amenities of all of the businesses listed here and hundreds more, check out PawsFriendly.com for all your dog-friendly travel needs. If you have had the pleasure of visiting any of the places listed, be sure to rate and review them on their Paws Friendly Bussiness Pages. It will help them rank higher on the page and it will help other dog parents find the best places to go with their pups.

Have you gone out for dinner with your dog? Let us know your favorite date night restaurant! Especially if we haven’t yet listed them on www.pawsfriendly.com, we will be sure to add them to the directory.

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