Doggie Doughnuts

Updated On: February 05, 2024 | Published On: August 21, 2023

To celebrate International Dog Day, Krispy Kreme is releasing a yummy treat for our pooches: Doggie Doughnuts! 

This limited edition range will be the paw-fect way to spoil your beloved pup. 

From August 21 - September 3, all Krispy Kreme stores within Ireland and the UK will have this limited edition bundle that includes 6 doggie doughnut treats. 

Inspired from the original (and iconic) Krispy Kreme doughnut, you pup will get to enjoy 1 x Original Glazed, 1 x Strawberry & Kreme, 1 x Lotus Biscoff®, 1 x Chocolate Dreamcake and 1x Caramel Iced.

How much do the Doggie Doughnuts cost?

A pack of 6 is €14.95. 

Where can you purchase the Doggie Doughnuts? 

All shops in the UK and Ireland will be stocking these limited edition treats (while supplies last) as well as nation wide delivery via their website

What are the Doggie Doughnuts made from? 

There are no artificial preservatives, artificial flavorings, added salt or added sugar. They have been specifically made for dogs of all shapes and sizes. They are made from Carob, a dog-friendly ingredient, not chocolate and may contain peanuts. 

Are they safe for all dogs to eat? 

They have been designed by professional pet treat artisans who love dogs. They are hard backed cookies, designed to assist in gum and teeth dental health. 

How long can you store the Doggie Doughnuts for? 

They are safe for consumption for up to 12 months after purchase. It isn’t necessary to refrigerate. 

Do the Doggie Doughnuts contain peanuts? 

Yes, they do contain peanuts. 

How many can my dog eat at one time? 

Feed no more than 1-2 Doggie Doughnuts in a day. Also make sure you pet is getting a well-balanced diet. 
Will you be treating your pup to a Doggie Doughnut for International Dog Dog? If so, make sure to share you photo with us @PawsFriendly.

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